PFHIX Inc is the leading expert in developing carbonated crystals™ in various sizes and dosage forms. Supplements manufactured by PFHIX are easy to take, pleasant on the palate and offer an unmatched popping sensation that keeps customers wanting more. Our flavor team has tackled and made tasty the toughest ingredients even if they contain large quantities of one or more active ingredients. This is especially important as user-friendly dosages in crystal form spend longer in the mouth than conventional tablets. Our popping crystal format and delivery have helped many people who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules, or just want a more exciting supplement experience.

R&D Process

Taste masking, flavoring and blending to provide a pleasant experience Crystal sizing technologies Selecting the best sweetener options and excipients with the right properties and combining them Selecting the most suitable packaging formats and options Sourcing high-quality active ingredients and blends Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant development processes.

PFHIX Inc places great emphasis on innovation and continually invests in research & development. We collaborate closely with equipment and packaging suppliers, raw material sources and brand specialists to deliver the highest quality active ingredients and finished goods.