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Working with
PFHIX™ Crystals™

Key Features In Crystal Delivery™


• Our process and Crystals™ are a very dry process (<2.5% moisture) which may significantly improve shelf life

• Our process happens at ambient temperatures, so if your material is heat sensitive, this is the perfect medium and delivery vehicle

• CRYSTAL DELIVERY™ gives the consumer a multi-sensory, active popping and crackling effect in the mouth, which very naturally encourages dwell time in the oral cavity. This is a significant advantage which may dramatically improve the bioavailability of your materials.

• By improving bioavailability, CRYSTAL DELIVERY™ may reduce the amount of expensive ingredients required to achieve a proper dose

Some Limits to Consider


• The moisture content of all ingredients (bioactives, flavors, carriers) in the premix MUST be below 3% moisture to retain expected shelf life

• Our IP (patent pending) will only work well if the total premix represents no more than 15-18% of the final net weight of the finished CRYSTAL DELIVERED product



There is absolutely no reason for you to not reach out to us to see what is possible. We are ready and waiting!