60 years of innovation!

First to food ingredient. First to private label. First to homogenize sour. First to develop sugar free. First in America in 35 years. First to Nutra. First for caffeine infused crystals™.

Product Formats

Crystal formulas

- Typical dosage rate is no more than 15-18% of total serving size. We determine serving size based on active load desired to deliver. This is based on dry active. We can deliver oil-based material closer to 3%-5% active load per serving size.

- Manufacturing Crystals™ is a very dry process (<2.5% moisture) which may significantly improve shelf life.

- Our process is all at ambient temperatures, so if your material is heat sensitive, this is the perfect medium and delivery vehicle.

Some Limitations to Consider * The moisture content of all ingredients (bio actives, flavors, carriers) in the premix MUST be below 3% moisture to retain expected shelf life.
* Our Patent-Pending IP will only work well if the total premix represents no more than 15-18% of the final net weight of the finished CRYSTAL DELIVERED product.



Single Dose Sachet

Sachets provide a cost-effective single dose product, with a variety of finished weights (2.25g to 8g) and sizes (standard size is 2.5” wide by 3” tall). The film we recommend is Cosmetic Web, as this has proven best for ease of opening at a tear notch, plus protection of the finished material. Typically, these are delivered in a 10 to 30 count POP box, but we can work with our suppliers to meet any specification appropriate for the market.


Single Dose or Multi-Dose Vials

For certain product applications requiring a larger dose of active ingredients we offer single dose or multi-dose vials ranging in size from 6-gram up to 20 grams. These fit nicely in the hand and allow a consumer to “micro-dose” the final product direct to the mouth with an easy snap close. With the vial, consumers can self-dose over the course of an hour or several hours to extend the enjoyable multi-sensory taste explosion experience!