The Pop Father

Our story began in 1989 when Mr. Lynn Hesson, a popping candy pioneer, aka “The Pop Father”, became fascinated with carbonated candy technology for food science applications in ice cream, cereals, candies and treats. Over the next decade he worked with key marketing, R&D and production staff in over 40 countries to help them develop new and innovative ways to use carbonated candy as an ingredient in a wide range of food applications. He then founded a manufacturing operation in Wisconsin using his own production specifications for producing high quality candy (now referred to as Carbonated Crystals™) in high volumes, becoming then and still the only such facility in the Western Hemisphere!

His knowledge, experience and wisdom related to carbonated crystal technology™ has now expanded into bio-actives, to further accelerate his goal of having pop crystals™, using CARBONATED CRYSTAL™, as the preferred method of delivering nutraceuticals, bio-actives and dietary supplements all over the world.

With the vision, passion and help of his four sons, Lynn and the Hesson family created PFHIX Inc, the Nutra ingredient division of the crystal manufacturing plant that creates all functional ingredients and products that POP!

PFHIX works with selected brand market leaders to deliver via Carbonated Crystals Technology™ a wide array of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, antioxidants, natural botanicals and time-tested herbal extracts.

Based on decades of research and development, we are using our patent-pending process to create the future of the nutraceutical world. The PFHIX team is honored and humbled to be at the forefront of the new “Pop Culture” revolution.

Welcome to the

future of supplements!

PFHIX now helps formulate and manufacture “pop crystal” formulas for many of the world’s top brands, with products to excite and delight their customers, providing a competitive advantage in a cluttered marketplace of sameness and me-too products.

Your brand could be next.

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An exciting new option for even further differentiation in the market, we can produce in private labeled vials from 6 gram up to 20 gram multi-dose vials. Vials show value and can make your introduction a winner!



The basic go to option is the sachet. It is easy to control the dose, in any of a variety of private labeled sachets. These come in small dose 2.25 to 8 gram packets that are the perfect size so you can take your Crystal Delivered Dietary Supplements virtually anywhere.