Our Carbonated Crystals™ dissolve easily in the mouth without chewing or water and are formulated for amazing taste! Perfect for anyone who dislikes swallowing conventional tablets and pills or feels compromised by sugar-filled gummies and chew products that must travel through the digestive tract and hopefully make it into the bloodstream.

After placing in the mouth, the Crystals™ activate within seconds giving consumers a multi-sensory, popping and crackling effect, which very naturally encourages dwell time in the oral cavity. This is a significant advantage which may dramatically improve the bioavailability of your materials.

PFHIX’s carbonated crystals™

Works well with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, antioxidants, natural botanicals and time-tested herbal extracts via a unique patent-pending technology. Using PFHIX’s proprietary process, the bioactive pre-blends are incorporated with Carbonated Popping Crystals™ (think POP ROCKS).


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